A Day In The Life #6

Though I’m not really a librarian, I’m going to participate in this round of “day in the life” again, just to document what exactly a library IT person does all day. Enjoy!

  • Came in a bit early, started my computer, pulled up RememberTheMilk on my iPad, cleared my desk of drink cans and old coffee cups (so that I know which one to drink from – grabbing an old one teaches the value of clearing your desk pretty darn quick)
  • Checked my tickler file, my calendar for the week and noticed the red light indicating voice mail on my phone.
  • Checked email and forwarded website comments on to appropriate folks
  • Checked social networking sites for new stuff
  • Forwarded and responded to a comment on the library’s blog
  • Updated WordPress plugins
  • Uploaded new graphic image advertising an author’s program next week to library’s home page
  • Skimmed blogs
  • Wrote one tweet, scheduled another one for later in the day
  • Created new email and domain accounts for a new employee; set up training with them at noon today
  • Checked email again
  • Dealt with HP vendor wanting to sell us a server we don’t need…
  • Achieved inbox zero by 9:30. That will last for 5 minutes, but it’s a happy 5 minutes!!
  • Went in search of the new program guide so that I can blog about all of our new programs on my “work at home” day Thursday
  • Posted “Keep Calm and Turn it Off and On Again” poster on my door. Maybe that will keep me from saying Reboot! so many times during the day
  • Tried to log into a closed branch to fix a computer, forgetting that the computers have to actually be on to be able to remotely log into them. Put it on “todo” list for tomorrow.
  • Answered a co-workers email about a virus on his home computer
  • Dealt with PTO form issues and with a patron issue regarding fines and Public Computer Center usage
  • Discovered that the beta version of Twitter module for Drupal supports OAuth, added updating that to the “todo” list for tomorrow morning.
  • Remembered that I told the Assistant Director that I’d look into why her computer won’t keep separation page settings for the printer (but forgot to add it to RTM’s todo list…), added it to “todo” list
  • Checked email again, skimmed new blog posts delivered to my Google Reader, took a break
  • Inbox zero again at 10:30 – woot!!!
  • Had impromptu meeting in my office about turning lights off in the bathroom when leaving. With 17 women in the building, it seems unnecessary (lights and exhaust fan both go off when lights are off – this makes for unpleasant restroom conditions, if ya know what I mean), but some still do it. Discussed possible solutions.
  • Pop-in question about Google Docs + some more information about the branch’s inability to access our server on a computer, reset security permissions, will still check to see if it works tomorrow.
  • Spent a moment reading through the Technology Skills Library Staff Should Have ( and considering staff training for the upcoming year…
  • took a moment to watch a video of a husky saying I Love You from a FriendFeed thread, made me smile! (
  • Worked on print queue issue with our old Xerox copier, got rid of phantom print job in the queue
  • It’s 11:30ish, so it’s time to head across the street to discuss patron issue/fines with PCC supervisor and to train new PCC clerk on website and email stuff (good thing I left early – got stopped by Automation librarian on the way over to discuss CSS for the catalog issues)
  • Came back from training to find $5 for 2 washcloths I knitted for coworker on my desk. Checked mail, FriendFeed and Facebook, left for lunch.
  • Came back from lunch (after driving through 2 parking lots – twice – to find a spot to park! We’re a busy place today) and quickly created stub post for library blog on why patrons should show their love for their library (connected to tweet sent out this afternoon)
  • Checked mail and FriendFeed again, checked FB page and Twitter replies; answered a question about media and licensing of MS Office suites and provided more information for the staff member with virus issues at home
  • Skimmed blog posts
  • Sent email to director proposing a “hidden gems of the library” video series, as well as another idea for our main blog
  • It’s 2:15pm and I’m losing steam. Taking time to just read through some saved blog posts and a journal or two that is on my desk.
  • Reading was interrupted by more MS licensing questions, I took a moment to activate new licenses through our E-Open licensing portal, went back to reading
  • Reading was interrupted again with staff laptop allocation issue. Bumped the issue to the director to make a final call
  • Updated budget spreadsheet; cried; tried to figure out how to support tech in a library on so very little money; cried some more
  • Went home at 4:00pm to knit, make Tortellini in a cream sauce and veg in front of the TV until bedtime

A Week In The Life

Last week, I participated in the Library Day In The Life project via Twitter. I used the #libday5 hashtag from Tuesday through Friday, commenting on my activities throughout the day. Those tweets have already been posted to this blog, so they are available to scroll through if you want a blow-by-blow of my week. I also wanted to do a narrative form of discussion about what I do here at MRRL though, because just listing out my activities each day doesn’t really give any context to my duties.
First off, let me say that I don’t usually take 2 days a week off. I was actually here on Monday, but I was tired from a soccer game outing to Kansas City the day before and I wasn’t prepared to spend time to document what I was doing while I was doing it. Thursday I was off for part of the day because I was back in KC on Wednesday night for a dinner with Kendra Levine, Royce Kitts and Doug and Tab Patterson. I don’t see Kendra and Royce that often, so it was a nice treat and worth taking some time off to recover…
As for while I was here, Tuesdays are my heavy desk days, so I spent that day working with the public in the Public Computer Center. I tweeted about the individual interactions -the kinds of questions that I get – at the time but I would like to say that I find working with the public – especially in the computer center – really helpful for my particular job. I’m in charge of all the social networks as well as the library’s website, so any insight I can get into 1) what social networks my patrons are using and 2) what kinds of problems they have with websites in general just make my job a bit easier.
Wednesday I spent working mostly at my desk. My day was taken up with a lot of fixing stuff – the websites *always* need something – and creating a slidecast to go with the podcast we did with local author Charlotte Hubbard. I have a tendency to not be able to just listen to something alone – audiobooks are strictly “in the car” or “while knitting” activities for me, I can’t just listen to them. Assuming that other people are like me, I like to give them something to look at, so I create a PowerPoint slideshow of book cover images, pictures of the author, links to things the author has discussed in the podcast and other interesting images that I then upload to Slideshare and sync up into a slidecast for our more visual patrons. The podcast is still available as an MP3 by itself, however. Once I get a few of these up and going, they will be cataloged and will come up during author searches through our OPAC. Right now, I have 4 up. Other activities on Wednesday included professional reading (both online and off – I have a stack of mags on my desk that I really need to carve some time out of my schedule to read), email and the monthly Management Team meeting that we have on the fourth Wednesday of each month. After all that, I worked on a class that I’m doing this month for patrons. I don’t generally do the patron training any more, but our trainer really hates Excel and so I told her I’d do this month’s class for her.
Thursday I was supposed to be off all day, but I was coming home via Columbia (where our ISP/Upstream helper is), so I stopped off at MORENet to pick up a couple of firewalls that they had received, upgraded and configured for me. While I was there, I got a quick crash course in managing the new firewalls and an introduction to the firewall management software. I came back to the library to drop that off and to cover 2 hours on the Circulation desk that I’d told a colleague I’d cover for them a couple of months ago. He’s on vacation and I said yes before I knew about the previous night’s dinner. I worked those two hours – again being glad that I can get some face time on the desk to keep abreast of what the staff are doing and what kind of technology hurdles they routinely face while working. It makes me much more able to do my job of supporting their technology use if I know what that technology use is. I also get to field different kinds of questions from patrons and get a different sense of what they are looking for – very useful for my work on the website!!
Friday I spent the morning on email, blog reading and coordinating tech for our upcoming state library association meeting. We’ll have a meeting sometime this week to go over everything and see what we’ve missed… I also did a bit of work on an upcoming workshop/presentation and then, after lunch, was back on the Computer Center desk for 3 hours. Again, I did a blow-by-blow of the kinds of questions I get while on the desk on Twitter – if you are interested, you can check it out in the post previous to this one.
All that is fairly typical (with the exception of all the time off). This week is shaping up to be fairly typical, too. I came in on Sunday afternoon to fix a problem with the web server, then came in early this morning to install the new firewall here and in our branch library in Linn, MO (about 20 miles away). Once I got that done, I came back to the library to catch up on email, blogs and to a BUNCH of questions (about editing contact information on the staff website, about creating lists in Google mail and about how much a computer would be, prorated for use, if someone wanted to buy a laptop that they had been assigned as a work machine). I left early again (though I was here by shortly after 6am and I ate lunch on the road between Linn and Jefferson City, so leaving at 2 was actually my full 8 hours) to get my son registered for school.
All that is what I did last week for my first job… it was limited because I’m between classes in school right now, so I didn’t have homework to do and I didn’t mention the time I spent at home working on two upcoming webinars and two presentations that I’ll be doing in Saint Louis at the NAGW conference. I also didn’t get into what goes on at home, with a 15 year old son and a boyfriend and two dogs – all of which depend on “Mom”. All that aside, this is what I do in a fairly typical week at the Missouri River Regional Library.


Day In The Life – Monday

6:30 – Alarm goes off, dogs go outside, I go under the shower. Dressed and out the door by 7:20, coffee in hand by 7:30
7:40am – come in to work, turned on computer, listened to voice mail
8-9am – Opened Firefox for email, blogs & Spicework’s desktop monitor, Chrome for work blogs & Tweetdeck for work & personal Twitter accounts, check email, write blog post on book groups, fix Spicework’s inventory mistakes
9am – go get weighed for “Biggest Loser” program at my library. Go outside and quietly cry about the results.
9:15am – 10:30am – add personnel requisition forms to staffweb, read through blog headlines, fix MySpace filtering issue so that patrons and staff can again connect to their MySpace buddies
10:20 – 10:27 – write this up, take a break
10:30am – call back to filtering vendor, read some library/twitter related stuff coming through my Tweet stream
10:45am – 11am – back to email, forwarded a couple of web site comments to the appropriate person, started working on June Board meeting minutes to post on the public website
11am – 11:30 – talked to Assistant Director about social software stats for the Board Report, talked to Automation Manager about possible Netlibrary issue, headed across the street to talk to coworker about flaky computer
11:44 – back from installing video card in computer & chatting with co-worker, checking on Netlibrary download that caused problem for patron and re-checking email. Somehow lost my bottle of water in the running around and have to get another one from my in-office fridge. Oh how I love having a refrigerator in my office!!
12:00 – uploaded IP Address spreadsheet to Google to share with Tech Support Coordinator (pretty color-coded sections of IPs didn’t come through the upload – had to redo the colors before I shared…) and started writing up ALA trip report for Board Report due next week
12:03-12:07 – discussed another missing form and the contact list on the staffweb with the HR manager, then back to writing up my trip report
12:30 – added new job ad to both staff and public websites & checked email – again
12:45 – Lunchtime!! (though after seeing the outrageously huge number from this morning, lunch will be a salad and diet coke…)
2pm – back from lunch – spent 15 min in the library parking lot talking to ex-boss & current State Library Network Admin & got hot lead on cheap hardware for the library – that counts as work time! Now to start working on the template issues I’m having with the new website…
3:35pm – have the front module downloaded and installed and have read up on how to use it. My brain hurts, so it’s break time!
3:43 – taking a moment to check emails and such before delving into Drupal themes and multiple CSS files, not really sure I have it in me to do actual CSS work today…
4:15 – interrupted (happily) by coworker – since I wasn’t getting anywhere with the CSS, this is a good thing
4:25 – check Tweetdeck, email and blogs one last time before logging out, finish up this blog post.
4:30 – off for the day to pick up my son by 5pm, then to Hy-Vee for chinese buffet (because he can eat his weight in egg rolls) and then home to finish up last homework for my class and turn it in. I plan to be in bed, asleep, by 8pm or so…

More tomorrow!



Ok, play by play for my Friday:

8:00am – get to work, count money in the PCC, get computers started, meet Mike and head to our Linn branch library to do some work out there.
9:15am – get into the Linn branch and find the DVD color settings. Doesn’t make much difference, the sky is still green and the houses and people are alarmingly red. We can get it to sort of work, though, so it will do until I can get to Best Buy and pick up a $30 DVD player to replace the one that won’t display colors correctly any more. I also install the VPN client into her new computer so that she can check email and such – 3 weeks before I change the email. I’m timely…
11:15am – get back to the library and grab a quick lunch
12:00pm – start my regular Friday shift on the PCC desk. I spent the first hour clearing my email inbox and perusing the online “weekly sales” flyers that we don’t get at home, since we read the paper all online these days. 2 of the big grocery stores in town offer the flyers at home, so we don’t really need to get the newspaper to get the specials and the coupons. Yeah! I enter the stuff I want to get into RTM, separated out by location of the store, then print off my shopping lists by store as well. I now have a somewhat organized shopping list and some idea of what I’ll be cooking next week. I feel organized.
Shortly after my first hour on the desk, we have a problem patron issue and I have to ask the young woman to leave. After that there is some discussion about the issue on FriendFeed and I’ll have to admit to egging on Stephen Cohen’s rants about video games in the course of the discussion. That takes up most of my second hour on the desk.
I spent the last hour of the shift reading through my blogs and FriendFeed stream while also answering computer questions, selling printouts and creating temporary cards for visitors to our area.
3:00pm – Break time!
3:15 – I get to sit down in my office chair for the first time today and spend some time checking email, reading through the rest of my blog posts and getting the first batch of GApps accounts set up in Google’s systems. I also got a call from our Linn branch manager about PCC policies for porn viewing and for hacking our systems to get extra time from our PC Reservation software.
4:30 – Find and download sysprep for Mike as he finishes getting the OPACs ready for ghosting – again – and demonstrate how to use it.
4:45 – go home.
That’s it – that is my week at work. Hope somebody found it helpful, or at least as amusing as Nikki did. She thought my Wednesday post was “LOLworthy” (as she informed me via txt on Thursday). I’m glad someone enjoyed my pain…


Thursday – the week is almost over!

A quick note about last night – I did manage to get one whole load of laundry done while balancing vegging and calling in to UV – so I feel somewhat productive… I also had to spend some time last night re-assigning all the things on my RTM list that were supposed to get done yesterday to later in the week or early next week. That’s one of the reasons for the update to the post yesterday – since I did almost nothing on my to-do list, I couldn’t go back last night and review it for reminders of what I’d done all day.
I’m doing better today – so far I’ve come in, checked my email, opened Twhirl and reviewed last nights FF conversations and ticked one item off my to-do list for today: adding our Employee of the Month’s name to the Intranet. Yeah! It’s only 8:20 and I’m already feeling like stuff’s going to get done today!!
During the next hour, I cleaned up the database pages and confirmed that we don’t seem to subscribe to Facts On File legal forms database, so I can’t add a link to it as requested on one of my “to-dos” for the day, but I can clean the pages up because they were looking a bit ragged. I spend some time in email scheduling my guest post for TTW and getting more information from folks about other items on my to-do list, including trying to find a way to pay for Google Apps for Domains without a credit card that will cover the entire amount… Still waiting to hear from them on that one! The hour after that, I spent some time telling my staff what to do (that’s always fun!!) and getting Nikki out to recrimp some wires in the library Annex building. I spent some small amount of time on Facebook (for the first time this week, I’m so slipping), ignoring application invites, sending birthday cards and confirming blog ownership for several others on the Blog Network application. I also spent some time socially networking with staff members in face-to-face ways – over a cigarette or two – in an “outside meeting”. Nothing like keeping up with what’s going on then by sharing a smoke break!
After all my social networking was done, I got called over to the Annex building to try to troubleshoot the wire crimping Nikki was doing. I think we got it about half-fixed when we lost patience with it and decided to break for lunch. Lunch involved errands, today. Lots of running around…

After lunch, I tackled more ghosting issues – Mike (my coworker and SO) took over the ghosting after I got so frustrated he was afraid I’d start lobbing computers at him. He fixed the network card issue and got them all ghosted up – but forgot to run sysprep first so they would not all have the same id. We spent the afternoon setting them up, realizing that we couldn’t change the name on all but the first one, figuring out why (no sysprep – of course) and then starting the process of fixing it.
At 4pm I finally weaseled my way out of that and came downstairs to do a final check of my email, answer some questions for Nikki about what printers got installed on the new computer she’s building for a staff member and create a flyer for my Mom’s neighborhood watch party in August. Now that that is all done (mostly, I’m at inbox 9, not inbox 0 – but I’m beyond caring at this point), I’m heading home to corral Mike and Alex and get them to Columbia for a BBQ at my high school BFF’s dad’s house. She has a new little girl I haven’t met yet and she hasn’t seen my little boy since before he got taller than me! My RTM task list is empty (because I know where the “postpone” button is) and my day is pretty much complete. I’m outta here!
Tomorrow I have a trip to Linn (our branch library) scheduled and 3 hours on the PCC desk, so I’m hoping that the entry for Friday is fairly short. Really, really, really hoping…


Busy Wednesday!

Today wiped me out. I almost don’t have the energy to write about it, but I’ll make one last push for productivity before sitting down and vegging all evening (between loads of laundry, of course…).
This morning I was going to get to work early to get the PCC ready before our All Staff meeting, but I ran into a former high school teacher (and chaperon on my high school trip to Italy) at the local coffee shop I frequent and had to sit and chat with him for a bit. Once I got to work (about 7:50am), I counted money, got change for our register and started up about half of the PCC computers before it was time to go to the meeting. At 8:15 on the Wednesday morning after the 3rd Tuesday of the month (stop laughing, I couldn’t make that kind of schedule up if I tried!), our director gets all the staff who happen to be in the building together to tell us about the board meeting the night before, pick a name from the pile for the Employee of the Month program (everyone who was given a “You’ve Been Caught” going above and beyond the duties of your job during the course of the month is in that pile – the winner gets a gift certificate and a prime parking space – and a spot on our Intranet announcing their win – I forgot to add our winner to the that spot today, but I’ve already added it to RTM to remember for tomorrow!) and generally keep the staff up on the news of the library. During the meeting, my participation in Uncontrolled Vocabulary (UV) was mentioned, so I’m curious to see if any of my co-workers decide to join us tonight on the call! After the meeting I talked to Bobbi (about scheduling a time to talk about our upcoming Summer Institute 4-day workshop on Web 2.0 stuff) and our Linn Library Branch Manager about the issues she’s been having with her projector’s color (I think it’s the DVD that’s causing problems – we’ll see for sure tomorrow) and with our Collection Development librarian about getting information on the web about our “Capital Read” program and the author of our chosen book. Finally, after all that, I made it back downstairs to turn on my computer and start the day. I got about halfway through my email when the Children’s department called – they had a non-responsive keyboard on one of their desk computers. I grabbed a replacement and went upstairs to change it out, but didn’t have to. It was a bad USB port – move the keyboard to a new port, fix the problem! Back down to the basement to finish my email (which I ALMOST did) and there is another call – the people using the Art Gallery for a program had video, but no audio, from the VCR. I went upstairs, cleaned the air filter (there was a popup on the screen saying it needed to be done, so I did it while I was there) and turned the stereo receiver to the correct setting to get audio from the VCR. Back downstairs to finally sit down and check my blogs…
Except that the director, who was going to give me a tutorial in the use of Norton’s Ghost application to speed up deployment of computers, showed up. 3 hours later, after installing, setting everything up, and burning through about 15 floppy disks to find 2 good ones to use for the boot disks, we discovered that the network card on one of the machines refused to play along with us. By this time it was 3pm, I hadn’t had lunch yet and I was so irritated at the floppy disk situation that I dropped the whole project (with a note to the director telling him where I was in the process) for the day. After all that, I finally checked my “daily” blog folder to see what was going on in the world and went through the email that had accumulated while I was valiantly fighting floppies.
[sidebar] I’ll note that not once in this very long narrative has there been a single mention of Twitter, Facebook or Twhirl. I was completely disconnected from my social network today and it was no fun. [/sidebar]
After I closed down and packed up my office and talked to the afternoon PCC clerk and asked him to relay information to the evening PCC clerk, I headed over to our Administrative building and tried out 4 different desk chairs before deciding on the one that I want at my desk. When that was done (at about 4:30 – deciding on a chair is a lengthy process with lots of discussion required), I got into my car and headed home.
Now that I’m done with my day at work, I’m going to start on laundry and really work on getting some quality vegging time in before I call into UV tonight. Hope to see you all there!

update And I completely forgot to mention the work I did today on the Gmail migration – adding all the library user names, starting the DNS change process with MORENet and working out billing issues to get us upgraded to the Enterprise Edition. That was all sort of sprinkled in among everything else…

AWeekInTheLife presentations

My Tuesday

Tuesday is my “desk day”. This means that on most Tuesdays, I don’t even turn on my computer in my office… I get in around 8ish, open the PCC (count money, turn on computers, wipe down monitors/keyboards/mice, pick up trash left by yesterday’s patrons and get the desk machine ready for the day), check on backups and network traffic and spend some quality time with my co-workers in the smoking lounge (a corner of our driveway as far away from the building as they can put us…) before the patrons start to come in at 9am. This morning, I also went to our ILL librarian to check out why she couldn’t print from OCLC’s web page. I found a JavaScript error on the page and Nikki (my intrepid Computer Support Guru) forwarded it on to our Tech Services Manager to then forward on to OCLC. After that, I dealt with the influx of patrons at 9am, then joined Nikki at her desk to discuss the trouble ticket issues that have come in since yesterday. After giving her some advice on fixing email issues that have cropped up overnight (I hate Exchange mail, I can’t wait until I can offload that duty to Google…), I head back to the PCC desk to check on the patrons and check my email and FriendFeed “friends” tab.
After reading through all that (and seeing the flood of fixed trouble tickets from Nikki – Yeah! Our board report and stats this month are gonna look good!!), I head to Google Reader to catch up on the blogosphere. Hmmm, lots of “day in the life” posts. Interesting… 😉
One of the things I read about in my blog reading was the fact that Facebook now has “blog networks“. I installed the application and started adding blogs to my network. That was fun and killed some time until Nikki came out to take over the desk duties at 10:00.
After she relieved me on the desk, I answered a few emails, ordered a part for a projector, met with my boss (who totally made fun of the audio quality of my laptop on Uncontrolled Vocabulary last Wednesday, while I totally missed an opportunity to ask him for a raise so I could get a new laptop with better audio inputs…), and ate lunch. By noon, I was back on the PCC Desk.
I checked my email again, collated and counted numerous print jobs from the 30 computers that share our PCC printer, and looked for (and sorta found) a few classes for kids that I could steal borrow from kind folks on the Internet. I’ll try to have a full roster of classes for our Children’s programming coordinator by Thursday, but I’m having issues finding good quality “homework help” type of classes on the ‘net. Anyone out there got some they’d like to share?
At 2:00pm, my desk duties for the day were over!
Today, I did stick around long enough to turn on my desk computer. After it booted up, I checked email again, opened Twhirl to check on my FF friends and got to work. I responded to a vendor email about a possible new PC Reservation system, which promptly turned into a phone call when the sales rep called me because she had questions, and made arrangements to visit our library’s branch either tomorrow or Thursday to look into video projection issues they are having. I started to work on Ghosting the newest version of our OPACs, but realized I was missing a rather crucial hardware component, so I’ll be running to Best Buy this evening on my way to the library softball team’s game. Since that didn’t work out for me, I decided to upgrade our WordPress installation that runs our library’s blog. That worked just fine, and it might have fixed some of the issues Bobbi’s been having with tags and categories. I’ll find out for sure tomorrow, when she gets in to work.
I took off today at 4pm so I could pick my son up from the hospital at which he volunteers and headed home for the day. Now I’m finishing up this post and then I’ll be heading to Best Buy, Barnes & Noble (for a Venti White Chocolate Mocha Frappacino – perfect baseball watching refreshment) and then to cheer on our library’s softball team (Dewey Decimators are sooooo gonna win tonight!) before heading back home to get some sleep!
More tomorrow…



In response to my brilliant co-worker, Bobbi, I’ll be posting a running tally of just what it is I do all day during this week. I’m not sure this is a representative week, what with budgets due tomorrow and all, but this is the week that everyone else is doing it, so I suppose I will too! While the original concept was to illustrate what librarians do all day (or week, as the case may be), and I’m not really a librarian (I just play one on TV?), but a techie who happens to work in a library, this may not answer the original question. On the other hand, it may give a bit of insight into what exactly has to happen on the back-end for the front-line librarians to do their jobs!
So here it is, with no further ado, my Monday…

  • Come into work at 7:45am and start up the computer – go through mail while I wait
  • Check email, blogs and fire up Twhirl
  • Sent out email pointing to this week’s Library Learning 2.1 lesson
  • Check that backups ran and that none of the servers died overnight, make sure everything is working on the network
  • Count money in the PCC cash register
  • Talk to one of my staff who is going with me to Internet Librarian about what pre-conferences we can afford (not enough…) and get the one she wants from her
  • Spend an hour alternately chatting with Bobbi via GTalk, wondering why airline prices are changing by the minute, and buying airfare for the 3 folks going to IL while discussing hotel arrangements that Bobbi is making
  • Check email again before 11am meeeting
  • Budget and various other topics discussed for an hour or so
  • Fixed legal paper tray in Tech Services office
  • Lunch!
  • Added IP addresses from III (Millennium Automation System) so they could get into our server
  • Met with Children’s Programming Coordinator about reducing her network profile size
  • Went home a bit early so I could work on next year’s budget this evening
  • Added the winner of the You’ve Been Caught program to the staff website (way belatedly)
  • Registered myself and my staff member for IL 2008
  • Budget time!

The use of the Remember The Milk social task list helped a lot in remembering what I did all day! Check the LL2.1 blog post linked above for more information about that!!
More tomorrow!!

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