In response to my brilliant co-worker, Bobbi, I’ll be posting a running tally of just what it is I do all day during this week. I’m not sure this is a representative week, what with budgets due tomorrow and all, but this is the week that everyone else is doing it, so I suppose I will too! While the original concept was to illustrate what librarians do all day (or week, as the case may be), and I’m not really a librarian (I just play one on TV?), but a techie who happens to work in a library, this may not answer the original question. On the other hand, it may give a bit of insight into what exactly has to happen on the back-end for the front-line librarians to do their jobs!
So here it is, with no further ado, my Monday…

  • Come into work at 7:45am and start up the computer – go through mail while I wait
  • Check email, blogs and fire up Twhirl
  • Sent out email pointing to this week’s Library Learning 2.1 lesson
  • Check that backups ran and that none of the servers died overnight, make sure everything is working on the network
  • Count money in the PCC cash register
  • Talk to one of my staff who is going with me to Internet Librarian about what pre-conferences we can afford (not enough…) and get the one she wants from her
  • Spend an hour alternately chatting with Bobbi via GTalk, wondering why airline prices are changing by the minute, and buying airfare for the 3 folks going to IL while discussing hotel arrangements that Bobbi is making
  • Check email again before 11am meeeting
  • Budget and various other topics discussed for an hour or so
  • Fixed legal paper tray in Tech Services office
  • Lunch!
  • Added IP addresses from III (Millennium Automation System) so they could get into our server
  • Met with Children’s Programming Coordinator about reducing her network profile size
  • Went home a bit early so I could work on next year’s budget this evening
  • Added the winner of the You’ve Been Caught program to the staff website (way belatedly)
  • Registered myself and my staff member for IL 2008
  • Budget time!

The use of the Remember The Milk social task list helped a lot in remembering what I did all day! Check the LL2.1 blog post linked above for more information about that!!
More tomorrow!!

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