Thursday – the week is almost over!

A quick note about last night – I did manage to get one whole load of laundry done while balancing vegging and calling in to UV – so I feel somewhat productive… I also had to spend some time last night re-assigning all the things on my RTM list that were supposed to get done yesterday to later in the week or early next week. That’s one of the reasons for the update to the post yesterday – since I did almost nothing on my to-do list, I couldn’t go back last night and review it for reminders of what I’d done all day.
I’m doing better today – so far I’ve come in, checked my email, opened Twhirl and reviewed last nights FF conversations and ticked one item off my to-do list for today: adding our Employee of the Month’s name to the Intranet. Yeah! It’s only 8:20 and I’m already feeling like stuff’s going to get done today!!
During the next hour, I cleaned up the database pages and confirmed that we don’t seem to subscribe to Facts On File legal forms database, so I can’t add a link to it as requested on one of my “to-dos” for the day, but I can clean the pages up because they were looking a bit ragged. I spend some time in email scheduling my guest post for TTW and getting more information from folks about other items on my to-do list, including trying to find a way to pay for Google Apps for Domains without a credit card that will cover the entire amount… Still waiting to hear from them on that one! The hour after that, I spent some time telling my staff what to do (that’s always fun!!) and getting Nikki out to recrimp some wires in the library Annex building. I spent some small amount of time on Facebook (for the first time this week, I’m so slipping), ignoring application invites, sending birthday cards and confirming blog ownership for several others on the Blog Network application. I also spent some time socially networking with staff members in face-to-face ways – over a cigarette or two – in an “outside meeting”. Nothing like keeping up with what’s going on then by sharing a smoke break!
After all my social networking was done, I got called over to the Annex building to try to troubleshoot the wire crimping Nikki was doing. I think we got it about half-fixed when we lost patience with it and decided to break for lunch. Lunch involved errands, today. Lots of running around…

After lunch, I tackled more ghosting issues – Mike (my coworker and SO) took over the ghosting after I got so frustrated he was afraid I’d start lobbing computers at him. He fixed the network card issue and got them all ghosted up – but forgot to run sysprep first so they would not all have the same id. We spent the afternoon setting them up, realizing that we couldn’t change the name on all but the first one, figuring out why (no sysprep – of course) and then starting the process of fixing it.
At 4pm I finally weaseled my way out of that and came downstairs to do a final check of my email, answer some questions for Nikki about what printers got installed on the new computer she’s building for a staff member and create a flyer for my Mom’s neighborhood watch party in August. Now that that is all done (mostly, I’m at inbox 9, not inbox 0 – but I’m beyond caring at this point), I’m heading home to corral Mike and Alex and get them to Columbia for a BBQ at my high school BFF’s dad’s house. She has a new little girl I haven’t met yet and she hasn’t seen my little boy since before he got taller than me! My RTM task list is empty (because I know where the “postpone” button is) and my day is pretty much complete. I’m outta here!
Tomorrow I have a trip to Linn (our branch library) scheduled and 3 hours on the PCC desk, so I’m hoping that the entry for Friday is fairly short. Really, really, really hoping…

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