Blog Day

Blog Day is a day where all bloggers are asked to recommend 5 blogs that their readers (hi Tab and Margaret – I’d link to you Margaret, but since you don’t have a blog yet…) may not be familiar with. So, without further ado, my 5 blogs:

There you have it – 5 blogs that I regularly read that aren’t specifically about the content of this blog (though that last one may be rather close for comfort, considering all of the times I’ve blogged about the GTD methodology…)

Blogging Addiction

Stephen Abram made me do it!

77%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2Dating Site

Recovered Posts

I’m starting to grab posts from the cached feed at Google Reader (thanks ever so much Beth and Google’s cache!!) so that I’ll have at least some of the older posts back up and available. I won’t be recovering all of them – some were just link pointers that have outlived their usefulness, some were downright not interesting enough to go to the trouble to save. I’ll try to recover some more later, when I have time, but it does appear that some of them may be returning to make my little blog seem less bare!

Excuses, excuses

Besides my utter dejection at having lost the last 3 years of work on this blog, I have had other reasons as to why I’m not posting very often. One of which I can share with you all now – I’ve accepted a new position at the library. My boss left the library at the end of the month (July) and I’ve been busy being both him and myself for the last 2 and 1/2 weeks – as well as applying for, interviewing for and accepting his job. Now I get to be both of us again while we look for *my* replacement. Hopefully, in 2 weeks, we’ll have both positions filled and I’ll be able to concentrate on my new duties as Information Technology Manager for the library. Sometime after that, I may begin blogging in a regular way again. Won’t that be fun? As for the other reason(s) I’ve not been blogging, well, we’ll just say that I’m kicking butt with a level 20-something hunter in WoW

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