A Day In The Life #6

Though I’m not really a librarian, I’m going to participate in this round of “day in the life” again, just to document what exactly a library IT person does all day. Enjoy!

  • Came in a bit early, started my computer, pulled up RememberTheMilk on my iPad, cleared my desk of drink cans and old coffee cups (so that I know which one to drink from – grabbing an old one teaches the value of clearing your desk pretty darn quick)
  • Checked my tickler file, my calendar for the week and noticed the red light indicating voice mail on my phone.
  • Checked email and forwarded website comments on to appropriate folks
  • Checked social networking sites for new stuff
  • Forwarded and responded to a comment on the library’s blog
  • Updated WordPress plugins
  • Uploaded new graphic image advertising an author’s program next week to library’s home page
  • Skimmed blogs
  • Wrote one tweet, scheduled another one for later in the day
  • Created new email and domain accounts for a new employee; set up training with them at noon today
  • Checked email again
  • Dealt with HP vendor wanting to sell us a server we don’t need…
  • Achieved inbox zero by 9:30. That will last for 5 minutes, but it’s a happy 5 minutes!!
  • Went in search of the new program guide so that I can blog about all of our new programs on my “work at home” day Thursday
  • Posted “Keep Calm and Turn it Off and On Again” poster on my door. Maybe that will keep me from saying Reboot! so many times during the day
  • Tried to log into a closed branch to fix a computer, forgetting that the computers have to actually be on to be able to remotely log into them. Put it on “todo” list for tomorrow.
  • Answered a co-workers email about a virus on his home computer
  • Dealt with PTO form issues and with a patron issue regarding fines and Public Computer Center usage
  • Discovered that the beta version of Twitter module for Drupal supports OAuth, added updating that to the “todo” list for tomorrow morning.
  • Remembered that I told the Assistant Director that I’d look into why her computer won’t keep separation page settings for the printer (but forgot to add it to RTM’s todo list…), added it to “todo” list
  • Checked email again, skimmed new blog posts delivered to my Google Reader, took a break
  • Inbox zero again at 10:30 – woot!!!
  • Had impromptu meeting in my office about turning lights off in the bathroom when leaving. With 17 women in the building, it seems unnecessary (lights and exhaust fan both go off when lights are off – this makes for unpleasant restroom conditions, if ya know what I mean), but some still do it. Discussed possible solutions.
  • Pop-in question about Google Docs + some more information about the branch’s inability to access our server on a computer, reset security permissions, will still check to see if it works tomorrow.
  • Spent a moment reading through the Technology Skills Library Staff Should Have ( and considering staff training for the upcoming year…
  • took a moment to watch a video of a husky saying I Love You from a FriendFeed thread, made me smile! (
  • Worked on print queue issue with our old Xerox copier, got rid of phantom print job in the queue
  • It’s 11:30ish, so it’s time to head across the street to discuss patron issue/fines with PCC supervisor and to train new PCC clerk on website and email stuff (good thing I left early – got stopped by Automation librarian on the way over to discuss CSS for the catalog issues)
  • Came back from training to find $5 for 2 washcloths I knitted for coworker on my desk. Checked mail, FriendFeed and Facebook, left for lunch.
  • Came back from lunch (after driving through 2 parking lots – twice – to find a spot to park! We’re a busy place today) and quickly created stub post for library blog on why patrons should show their love for their library (connected to tweet sent out this afternoon)
  • Checked mail and FriendFeed again, checked FB page and Twitter replies; answered a question about media and licensing of MS Office suites and provided more information for the staff member with virus issues at home
  • Skimmed blog posts
  • Sent email to director proposing a “hidden gems of the library” video series, as well as another idea for our main blog
  • It’s 2:15pm and I’m losing steam. Taking time to just read through some saved blog posts and a journal or two that is on my desk.
  • Reading was interrupted by more MS licensing questions, I took a moment to activate new licenses through our E-Open licensing portal, went back to reading
  • Reading was interrupted again with staff laptop allocation issue. Bumped the issue to the director to make a final call
  • Updated budget spreadsheet; cried; tried to figure out how to support tech in a library on so very little money; cried some more
  • Went home at 4:00pm to knit, make Tortellini in a cream sauce and veg in front of the TV until bedtime
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