Ok, play by play for my Friday:

8:00am – get to work, count money in the PCC, get computers started, meet Mike and head to our Linn branch library to do some work out there.
9:15am – get into the Linn branch and find the DVD color settings. Doesn’t make much difference, the sky is still green and the houses and people are alarmingly red. We can get it to sort of work, though, so it will do until I can get to Best Buy and pick up a $30 DVD player to replace the one that won’t display colors correctly any more. I also install the VPN client into her new computer so that she can check email and such – 3 weeks before I change the email. I’m timely…
11:15am – get back to the library and grab a quick lunch
12:00pm – start my regular Friday shift on the PCC desk. I spent the first hour clearing my email inbox and perusing the online “weekly sales” flyers that we don’t get at home, since we read the paper all online these days. 2 of the big grocery stores in town offer the flyers at home, so we don’t really need to get the newspaper to get the specials and the coupons. Yeah! I enter the stuff I want to get into RTM, separated out by location of the store, then print off my shopping lists by store as well. I now have a somewhat organized shopping list and some idea of what I’ll be cooking next week. I feel organized.
Shortly after my first hour on the desk, we have a problem patron issue and I have to ask the young woman to leave. After that there is some discussion about the issue on FriendFeed and I’ll have to admit to egging on Stephen Cohen’s rants about video games in the course of the discussion. That takes up most of my second hour on the desk.
I spent the last hour of the shift reading through my blogs and FriendFeed stream while also answering computer questions, selling printouts and creating temporary cards for visitors to our area.
3:00pm – Break time!
3:15 – I get to sit down in my office chair for the first time today and spend some time checking email, reading through the rest of my blog posts and getting the first batch of GApps accounts set up in Google’s systems. I also got a call from our Linn branch manager about PCC policies for porn viewing and for hacking our systems to get extra time from our PC Reservation software.
4:30 – Find and download sysprep for Mike as he finishes getting the OPACs ready for ghosting – again – and demonstrate how to use it.
4:45 – go home.
That’s it – that is my week at work. Hope somebody found it helpful, or at least as amusing as Nikki did. She thought my Wednesday post was “LOLworthy” (as she informed me via txt on Thursday). I’m glad someone enjoyed my pain…

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