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The benefits of information-sharing behaviors

I talked to a local IT manager recently about his library’s planned migration to Google Apps. He’d emailed me late last week, saying he’d read my article on the subject and wanted to discuss it with me. We talked for quite a while and, during the conversation, they brought up the fact that Gmail may be E-rate eligible. I had not even considered this – even after learning that Amazon’s cloud services may be eligible.
This is one of the great things about being willing to share what you know – I, at least, always learn something from the people I’m ostensibly teaching or providing knowledge to. I’d like to say that my willingness to share what I know is purely selfless – a true act of generosity, but in reality, it benefits me as much as it does (hopefully) the people I share with!

The week in Tweets

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  • Oops, I'll try again… Customer Service #andypoll What training would you want every staff member to have? Go. Answer & RT! #
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  • @dullroar It is utterly amazing what these kids can do while beating on a drum. Marching on a wall is child's play… ;) in reply to dullroar #
  • @mstabbycat Yes. Will I be able to? Probably not. Alex has a thing on Saturday in St. Louis that I should go to… in reply to mstabbycat #
  • It is a gorgeous – truly gorgeous – day outside. Coolish, lovely breeze… you know what that means, right? Yep I'm off for the day!! #hooky #
  • @lilaclee Notes – Soundpaper and SundryNotes, text/spreadsheet Office2 HD for docs in Google and Dropbox storage. RDP for remote PCs #iPad in reply to lilaclee #
  • Q&A: Janrain's CEO Discusses OpenID in the Federal Government #
  • Step-by-Step: Creating Your Blogging System #
  • Lunch – especially when Mom pays – is always a good thing! (@ IHOP) #
  • A little wine, a little knitting & a little people watching. Little Hills Cobblestone White = yummy (@ Little Hills Winery) #

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The importance of disaster planning

Friday night we had a big storm come through Jefferson City. Power went out in places, tree limbs were scattered about, that sort of thing. At the library, we must have gotten some kind of power surge that knocked out one of our Universal Power Supply units and did some damage to its connected server. This is when I’m glad to have done the work involved in creating a disaster plan!
The server is still functional – it’s handing out IPs and such, but I can’t log into it at all, which means that if I didn’t have a disaster plan which lays out the hardware, software and network configuration of each server, I’d be hurting right now. As it is, I’m pretty lucky. It works well enough that I don’t have to rush configuring the replacement server and I just happen to have an extra server around, so I don’t have to order one.
As disasters go, this one was pretty mild. A fast trip to the library on Saturday morning to reroute the electrical connections and restart, then everything was going again. Heavy duty work can wait until I have time to do it this week. That’s nice – and it’s all due to my disaster plan!

The week in Tweets

  • @AgriBlogger LOL – I've almost done that! I'm sure I will actually finish the transaction someday and then wonder where my file is… ;) in reply to AgriBlogger #
  • DON'T GET Plants vs. Zombies for the iPad!! I would have wasted my whole weekend playing, but my son kept stealing it to play it himself! #
  • FF is down. I came here and had a moment of panic when I thought Twitter was down. I was shaking, but now I can tweet and I'm all better. #
  • Whew. There for a minute, I thought I'd actually have to do my homework! #
  • @lilaclee Yeah!!! – yours came really fast, didn't it? #iPad in reply to lilaclee #
  • @lilaclee I got my accessories first, too. I thought that was just mean, personally. That keyboard dock staring at me, but no #iPad .. #
  • How People Are Signing In Across the Web [STATS] #

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links for 2010-08-20

Musings on the future

I’m coming up on the final classes needed to complete my BSIT (Bachelor’s of Science, Information Technology) degree. Now I need to consider what I’m going to do after that milestone is reached. I’m considering (while whimpering about student loans) going on to get a Master’s degree (in Library Science? In IT? In ???) but that will put me at paying back my student loans just about the time my son goes to college and I have to start paying for that…
Basically, I’m trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. I’m excited about finally graduating from college, but now I have to consider what I’m going to do after that. I’m positive I’ll stay in IT, but as a librarian? As something else? This grown-up stuff is hard. Can I opt out?

Addendum to the iPad post

Last night, the iPad earned it’s keep. I got home, tired and cranky at 10pm, after doing all the last minute running for the first day of school stuff that my son needed. Once I got there, I remembered that I had a paper due that night and that our cable modem has been in and out all day – it must have been cranky, too. I considered getting my netbook and running to the library to park outside until I could get the paper uploaded, but then I remembered that my iPad is a 3G model. I pulled up the Dropbox app, found my paper and emailed it directly from the Dropbox application to my teacher. Then I went to bed.
I’m definitely keeping it!!
P.S. I got a comment from a friend of mine last night thanking me for posting that because she’s thinking about getting one, but she got a netbook instead. I’ll tell you all what I told her – this is not a replacement computer, it’s too limited, but it is a handy little device to have around and something that I’m very glad I got!