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  • @cclibrarian Recipe and pattern storage – if you have the Evernote client on your phone/netbook, you have everything with you when u travel! in reply to cclibrarian #
  • @wawoodworth Customer service. in reply to wawoodworth #
  • Oops, I'll try again… Customer Service #andypoll What training would you want every staff member to have? Go. Answer & RT! #
  • Alex and his band uniform [pic] #
  • @dullroar It is utterly amazing what these kids can do while beating on a drum. Marching on a wall is child's play… 😉 in reply to dullroar #
  • @mstabbycat Yes. Will I be able to? Probably not. Alex has a thing on Saturday in St. Louis that I should go to… in reply to mstabbycat #
  • It is a gorgeous – truly gorgeous – day outside. Coolish, lovely breeze… you know what that means, right? Yep I'm off for the day!! #hooky #
  • @lilaclee Notes – Soundpaper and SundryNotes, text/spreadsheet Office2 HD for docs in Google and Dropbox storage. RDP for remote PCs #iPad in reply to lilaclee #
  • Q&A: Janrain's CEO Discusses OpenID in the Federal Government #
  • Step-by-Step: Creating Your Blogging System #
  • Lunch – especially when Mom pays – is always a good thing! (@ IHOP) #
  • A little wine, a little knitting & a little people watching. Little Hills Cobblestone White = yummy (@ Little Hills Winery) #

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