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The importance of disaster planning

Friday night we had a big storm come through Jefferson City. Power went out in places, tree limbs were scattered about, that sort of thing. At the library, we must have gotten some kind of power surge that knocked out one of our Universal Power Supply units and did some damage to its connected server. This is when I’m glad to have done the work involved in creating a disaster plan!
The server is still functional – it’s handing out IPs and such, but I can’t log into it at all, which means that if I didn’t have a disaster plan which lays out the hardware, software and network configuration of each server, I’d be hurting right now. As it is, I’m pretty lucky. It works well enough that I don’t have to rush configuring the replacement server and I just happen to have an extra server around, so I don’t have to order one.
As disasters go, this one was pretty mild. A fast trip to the library on Saturday morning to reroute the electrical connections and restart, then everything was going again. Heavy duty work can wait until I have time to do it this week. That’s nice – and it’s all due to my disaster plan!

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