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  • @AgriBlogger LOL – I've almost done that! I'm sure I will actually finish the transaction someday and then wonder where my file is… 😉 in reply to AgriBlogger #
  • DON'T GET Plants vs. Zombies for the iPad!! I would have wasted my whole weekend playing, but my son kept stealing it to play it himself! #
  • FF is down. I came here and had a moment of panic when I thought Twitter was down. I was shaking, but now I can tweet and I'm all better. #
  • Whew. There for a minute, I thought I'd actually have to do my homework! #
  • @lilaclee Yeah!!! – yours came really fast, didn't it? #iPad in reply to lilaclee #
  • @lilaclee I got my accessories first, too. I thought that was just mean, personally. That keyboard dock staring at me, but no #iPad .. #
  • How People Are Signing In Across the Web [STATS] #

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