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Addendum to the iPad post

Last night, the iPad earned it’s keep. I got home, tired and cranky at 10pm, after doing all the last minute running for the first day of school stuff that my son needed. Once I got there, I remembered that I had a paper due that night and that our cable modem has been in and out all day – it must have been cranky, too. I considered getting my netbook and running to the library to park outside until I could get the paper uploaded, but then I remembered that my iPad is a 3G model. I pulled up the Dropbox app, found my paper and emailed it directly from the Dropbox application to my teacher. Then I went to bed.
I’m definitely keeping it!!
P.S. I got a comment from a friend of mine last night thanking me for posting that because she’s thinking about getting one, but she got a netbook instead. I’ll tell you all what I told her – this is not a replacement computer, it’s too limited, but it is a handy little device to have around and something that I’m very glad I got!

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