Dinner in Red

Last night’s final dinner was a “red” themed dinner – everyone was supposed to show up in whatever they felt interpreted the red theme best. I wore a red sweater. The guy who won the contest wore copies of the Sun and the Mirror (“redtop” papers) plastered to his entirely red outfit as well as a little hat made of more pages from those papers. I recieved enough advice about where to go in London that I’m probably going to have to extend my vacation for another week (we can consider this my official request for time off, right Bill?) and had a lovely time eating myself silly. I, along with the rest of my table, received advice on how to taste wine in the snobbiest French way by a truly charming French man and we discovered that there were more midwesterners at this conference than we had ever guessed. I sat across from a lovely woman who lived in Kansas City, MO for years before she relocated to Glasgow, Scotland.
In response to Margaret’s concerns for my health, I am walking a lot – we are about 1/2 mile or better from the conference center, so I get it at least a couple of miles a day walking back and forth – but there is no way on earth I could walk off all of the amazing food they are providing!
I’m off to a discussion on Web 3.0 and then a repeat of our session! Have a lovely day!!

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