Tuesday afternoon

Great, now I’m going to have that song in my head today. Oh well, it will be a change from Madonna’s Material Girl, which has been running through my head for a week!
Anyway, Tuesday, after our first class, I went back to the hotel and headed to the bar area for High Tea. I had little finger sandwiches (of ham & mustard, smoked salmon & cream cheese, roast beef (withhout the tomato) and I passed on the cucumber sandwich), fruit cake (real, live fruit cake!!) with my scones, devon clotted cream, strawberry jam and tea. It was a perfect snack – a bit heavy, perhaps, but lovely to eat & experience. Now I’m getting ready to head to the evening reception & dinner. I’ve still got a couple of hours before dinner, so I’m sure I’ll be ready for it – despite the big tea – when it is served!

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