Final Overview Of UKSG

Wednesday, the final day of the UKSG conference was fabulous. We started the day with a discussion of Web 3.0 that I am totally going to crib for my Web 3.0 session in September. The speaker, Geoffrey Bilder of CrossRef , discussed the emergence of metadata and the move from “reading” the web to “computing” the web. He also talked about RDF and turning the web into a database. It was all fascinating stuff and I will definitely be using it. We snuck out after that to get ready for our session at 11am, the final breakout session of the conference. It went pretty well – not as many questions during the session itself, but lots of folks stopped by and chatted afterward. I took about 50 moo cards and left with 6. I was pleased! After that was a discussion of the similar issues plaguing the music industry and libraries – that of content distribution that both supports content creators and allows democratic access to culture by the public. Jim Griffin, a music industry exec, was funny and thought-provoking. After that was a final lunch – with goodbyes and thank yous to all the nice people I met and to those who invited me to the conference as well.

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