Wave Web 2.0

Wavin’ at you!

I got the embedded wave to work on my new Wave page! Finally!! I’ve been playing with it for a couple of weeks (off and on) with no success, but I upgraded both WordPress and wavr (the plugin I’m using to make this work) and today it finally appeared (only for those with Wave accounts, I think…). The real trick to it was getting the right google wave URL (in my case it consisted of id=”!w+2_yvJou8O”). When you copy the URL from Google, it urlencodes that + sign to a %252B, so you have to change that to +, remove everything before the url and voila! It works!!
If you have a Wave account, stop by and say hi, post a suggestion for a blog post or whatever floats your boat. This is purely a testing wave, with no real purpose right now other than to play!

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