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Wavin’ at you!

I got the embedded wave to work on my new Wave page! Finally!! I’ve been playing with it for a couple of weeks (off and on) with no success, but I upgraded both WordPress and wavr (the plugin I’m using to make this work) and today it finally appeared (only for those with Wave accounts, I think…). The real trick to it was getting the right google wave URL (in my case it consisted of id=”!w+2_yvJou8O”). When you copy the URL from Google, it urlencodes that + sign to a %252B, so you have to change that to +, remove everything before the url and voila! It works!!
If you have a Wave account, stop by and say hi, post a suggestion for a blog post or whatever floats your boat. This is purely a testing wave, with no real purpose right now other than to play!

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Updates and some cache clearing

I’ve finally gotten around to posting links to the last couple of presentations I’ve done on my Presentations page, as well as the latest information about the Publications I’ve put out (a link to purchase the Library Mashups book and a tentative publishing date for the Twitter/Friendfeed book). Also, I’ve updated the Raves and Reviews page with a new section called Awards. I found out on Friday that I’d won an Honorable Mention in the 78th Annual Writer’s Digest Awards in the Magazine Feature Article category. I’m not sure how prestigious that really is – I’m not among the top 100 listed winners in the category on the Writer’s Digest site, but the letter that accompanied the award certificate said that, “your success in the face of such formidable competition speaks highly of your writing talent”, so I suppose it is worth something…
Cache Clearing
— Google Wave – I’ve got an account and have been using it to conduct extended group IM-like chats with people and to follow the Real-Time Web Summit that happened in Mountain View, CA (Google’s backyard…) last week. The use of the conference wave was one of my favorite uses of Wave so far. Lots of great information at my fingertips!!!
–Drupal – I’m still in the process of working out the kinks in the new MRRL site, but it should be available for “sneak peeks” by the middle of November – it’s going live on the 17th of November. I’ll be posting more about my adventures with Drupal, but lets just say that I still have most of my hair… not quite all, but most. And, if anyone has a lead on a kick-ass editor that won’t eat my PHP code or re-write my content folk’s stuff at random, but will still give some help to those who are HTML-challenged, I’d appreciate it. That’s where most of my hair is going right now – crazy editors that either do too much or to little.

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