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Ninite – my new best friend

I’ve been seeing posts about Ninite for a week or two and kept meaning to go check it out, but didn’t really get a chance to do it until I was working the desk on Friday afternoon. When I did, though, I was seriously impressed! Single click updates/installs of pretty much every major program needed to run a computer center (with the exception of the OS) – all made available for updating with a single program and they update silently! No more forgetting to unclick that stupid “include the Yahoo! toolbar” in Java updates, no more forgetting a single Flash update among the 35 computers that you spent all morning updating – just run a single program and all of your Flash, Java, Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Reader, .Net, Air, Silverlight, ad nauseum programs are updated. You can also set up a “new computer bundle” that includes all the above, plus CCleaner, Malwarebytes, Avast or AVG, Chrome, Safari, Evernote, KeePass, etc, etc, etc.
This will be a lifesaver for anybody who has to update and maintain a bunch of computers.

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