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  • RT @savelibs: The eBook User's Bill of Rights #ebookrights #hcod #savelibs (re HarperCollins autodeleting lib ebooks) #
  • HCOD, eBook User Bill of Rights and Math – very nice summary of #hcod issues by Sarah. Reason #206 why I'm a fan… 😉 #
  • @laurenpressley @dancohen but you can buy the actual digital *file* – not 100% the same, but it is a real item you could own. #
  • @laurenpressley True! 1 of the reasons we went with OD is because we now own those files – even if we cancel. Until #hcod that is…. #
  • @mstabbycat Behind SAMs club/HyVee at the Broadway-Hwy 63 exchange. If you turn in toward SAMs, then left at the gas station, you'll see it! #
  • @mstabbycat I know I am. Wait… What? #

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