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When asked what a weakness of mine is in a job-interview like situation, what comes to mind immediately is my utter inability to recognize when I’m in over my head and need some help. Jenica Rogers, an utterly amazing woman who is the Director of Libraries at the State University of New York in Pottsdam, just posted a Lessons from 2010 post at her blog. One of her “lessons learned” was the fact that she occasionally needs help. This is an amazingly capable woman who is making the effort to realize that she needs help sometimes – and it’s inspiring me. From little things like hitting the button at the circ desk when I get overwhelmed (we have a door ringer that sounds in the back office and sends someone out to help when the lines get long at the front desk) to admitting that a particular project requires more time/talent/persistence than I have to give, I need to work on not waiting until it’s too late to ask for some help.

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