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I’ve installed Drupal 7 in two different places – one personal and one at work – and I’m still not able to get it going because of various system requirements and a lack of time and attention to getting those requirements met on my systems. That being said, I have nothing much to say about the new Drupal release – other than to comment on what others who are more successful in their attempts are saying. One thing I’ve noticed, as reported on the ReadWriteWeb blog, that I really like is the fact that RDFa is built into the system’s backend. I spoke a bit about RDF and the semantic web in my Web 3.0 (RDF stuff starts on slide 12) presentation I gave to NAGW a couple of years ago, so this is really pretty exciting for me!! I get to actually make use of the stuff I’ve been talking about for a while!! When I get the PHP versions and various other system requirements updated on my servers, of course… *sigh*. I guess I know what I’ll be doing for the next couple of days. I wanna play now!!

Update: I do have it working now! I have my work test bed running a clean copy of Drupal 7 – first impressions are that it is DIFFERENT. I’ll post more about what I think about it later in the month…

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