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  • *makes note to auto-send @stevelawson emails randomly throughout the week* #
  • @MegCanada hot tea, honey, maybe some lemon and the whiskey of your choice. Drink enough of it and you'll forget you have a cold! in reply to MegCanada #
  • GWave invites – DM me with your preferred email address if you still don't have one, but want one. 10 left… #
  • I can't believe I'm on Twitter, complaining about FriendFeed being down, but I am. I want my FriendFeed!!!! #
  • At the ITEC keynote in Blue Springs (Or BS, MO according to @jlshultz – *giggle*) #
  • @mstabbycat I was actually considering doing that – depends on how tired I am – was up at 5am to get the boy to school… But I likely will! in reply to mstabbycat #
  • No wi-fi in theater 2 at ITEC, so I'm taking notes by hand. Primitive. #
  • Still no wireless in theater 2 @ ITEC. I did trawl the vendors & got a better pen, tho. Small comforts… #
  • Why I prefer tech over library conf – no line @ ladies restroom #
  • @sglassmeyer nope – the boyfriend has it on DVD, so I can watch any time. I don't, but I could… in reply to sglassmeyer #
  • @ellbeecee jinx! You owe me a beer! in reply to ellbeecee #
  • Wondering if Courtyard Marriot rents rooms by hour so I can take quick nap? #iamold #
  • @sglassmeyer this is true… Perhaps we should!! in reply to sglassmeyer #
  • Sitting on my front porch, knitting & handing out candy to soopw #
  • Oops. That is "sooper cute" mini scary folks. My nose is cold, tho #

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