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Social Media in the Enterprise – ITEC Lunch session

*SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT A TREND*- it’s a fundamental change in the way companies reach their audiences.
Overview of social media landscape – what tools are out there.
Blogs – lots out there, becoming mainstream news (Huffington Post); case study about the Direct2Dell site that came directly from a blog post that coined the term “dell hell” and was picked up within 2 days by NY Times and Business Week.
Microblog – Twitter has 4.5 Million users; uses of Twitter: live discussion, reinforce your brand, promote content, speed linking, content syndication (hi everyone who is reading this because I tweeted my new blog post!!). Case study: @comcastcares – search for Comcast in Twitter, respond to complaints, become one of the most effective customer service campaigns in social media.
Social Network Facebook – 120+ Million users, Facebook groups, applications and photo sharing. Case study – Barack Obama – 6.8 Million supporters (John McCain, 518,000 supporters) in Facebook, 2.5 M in Twitter with 392 updates, 179,000 subscribers in YouTube and a social site of his own at
YouTube 1 billion video clips shared every day; useful for marketing. Case study: Cadbury’s Gorilla Ads
Flickr (photo sharing), Delicious (bookmarking), Digg (social relevancy), (collaborative filtering & recommendations)
Social Listening
Where? Technorati, Google Blog Search, Twitter, Google Alerts – very important to hear what folks are saying about you.
Crowdsourcing – Case study: Project Dogfood – built a targeted, effective event through direct collaboration with the audience. Case study: Netflix prize – 1M to anyone who can improve their recommendations by 10% – crowdsourced programming…
Why social media campaigns fail – no strategy, poor listening, unreliable content, lack of metrics for success.
Social Media Stragegy – define target audience & get in-depth understanding of their problems & questions, become a trusted source of info, build an online presence with relevant content, make it easy to transition the client from learning from you to buying from you.
“you don’t need a million customers, you need the right 10,000” – Chris Brogan

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