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  • I've got to work on my posture – it's only 9:45 and my back is killing me. #
  • reading: Google Wave Explained #
  • @SonoranDragon & @joshuamneff My son asked that this morning – why wasn't he in prison? I told him because his last name is Kennedy… #
  • @SonoranDragon Your tweet was the first time I'd seen it mentioned all morning. I'm with @joshuamneff – he did good but… in reply to SonoranDragon #
  • @SonoranDragon True enough… NPR obliquely mentioned it this morning (hence my son's question), but it was quick & easy to slide past in reply to SonoranDragon #
  • RT @stevelawson: Not much time left in LSW fundraiser for the LFPL. Please contribute if you can, and spread the word: #
  • RT @elloyd74: RT @suzigurl RT @yelm "In lieu of flowers, please pass Health Care reform." RIP Ted Kennedy 1932-2009 (I like this a lot!!) #
  • Working on #GTD ubiq capture – not there yet despite notebooks everywhere & Pre – need in-shower whiteboard #
  • @djfiander My brother had a coffee delivery guy at his old job. I was sooooooooo jealous. in reply to djfiander #
  • Nikki at work [pic] #
  • @infosciphi woot!! Congrats!! Make sure you don't get in with a wild crowd there at NCSU, though – I've heard stories… in reply to infosciphi #
  • I'm liking KBIA's Sat eve show – early Elvis followed by Sex Pistols. Nice… #

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