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  • Ok – back at work after my day off – it's time to see if my GTD reboot last week will help me GSD today… #
  • Huh. Apparently it does work – I've blown through my "gotta-do" list for the day in the first hour. Now I hit my "nice-to-do" list… #
  • @lauramoore Isn't that lovely – I've had that happen at @coffeezone before and it's a wonderful thing… in reply to lauramoore #
  • @brewinlibrarian Hello from mid-Missouri! Twitter's awesome – almost as awesome as your teacher – have fun with it!! in reply to brewinlibrarian #
  • RT @kendrak: RT @sglassmeyer: "The Romans did not build their empire by having meetings. It was built by killing everyone who opposed them." #
  • @JGamblin in this case governing != conquering to create an empire to govern – and it's all just a jab against meetings, anyway 😉 in reply to JGamblin #
  • @mstabbycat My phone will arrive today – it's already on the truck for delivery! Happy Robin!! #trackingapackage in reply to mstabbycat #
  • @mstabbycat I dropped it in the back parking lot at work and screwed up the internals so that it wouldn't charge. I had insurance, tho!!! in reply to mstabbycat #
  • @mstabbycat Yep, I have been in Pre-withdrawl for 4 whole days now. It's getting bad… in reply to mstabbycat #
  • RT @elloyd74: Tom DeLay to be on Dancing with the Stars. Seriously. #
  • @griffey I just bought my plane ticket today – I'll be there! in reply to griffey #
  • RT @val_forrestal: I just got Google Reader to zero…. Next person to post to their blog gets defenestrated<- for proper word usage & LOLs #
  • Got up, got a page or so of writing done, got Alex to school and now I'm diving into work. I'm already tired… #
  • Checking out LifeIO – not sure if it will be really helpful for me… though I see some possibilities… #
  • Hectic morning – went to PCC twice for emergencies, set up scanner for craft program and updated the public meeting minutes page. #
  • And that's all folks – I'm off for the afternoon and won't be back to work til 5pm. Don't talk about anything too exciting without me!! #
  • Weekly review is finished #GTD; drupal installations are updated & to-do lists are pruned. It's break time! #
  • MRRL won the grant for technologically-enabled, subject-specific reference tables at the main library. Now the real work starts… #
  • @bckhough Thanks – it was a collaborative effort so there are lots of folks here to congratulate – I'm just the only one with a twitter acct in reply to bckhough #

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