Webinar Day!

It’s not up yet, but in the near future, the archived version of the webinar I did for MaintainIT today will be available via Webjunction soon. It was a lot of fun to do and I think it went pretty well. Brenda and Sarah (previously featured on this very blog as dinner companions for Vietnamese food in Anaheim, CA) made everything happen quite smoothly – I didn’t have to deal with any tech issues, they really kept on top of things!
My next webinar of the day (this one as an attendee) is on Social Networking and security. I really appreciated the fact that the presenter, Beth Young of MORENet, was not alarmist about the possibility of predators on the ‘net. She gave some hard statistical facts and showed that our teens are FAR more likely to be drinking this weekend than getting sexually solicited online (that doesn’t even mean that they respond, meet or have sex with anyone – just the solicitation). She then talked about lots of things that kids do that will get them into trouble on the ‘net (self-posted child porn – camera phone pics taken for a boy/girl friend who may not be as careful about who they share those pics with…). Then she discussed the Megan Meier case and the laws that have come to pass because of that case, including the law passed on June 30th of this year targeting stalking and harassment on the Internet.
Beth then switched gears and discussed creating a profile and protecting information online. She mentioned that one speaker at a recent Internet safety night asked that you consider taking anything that you want to post on a social site and imagine writing it on posterboard with your picture attached and putting it up at the mall. Great analogy! Then she discussed the idea of your public life (job) and social profiles. This covered the idea of jobs and hiring managers checking profiles. Something I haven’t heard much about was the idea of respecting the privacy of *others* – the folks in your pictures or videos as well as people you talk about. If your “facts” about someone prove to be incorrect, you can be liable for damages. Cops use these profiles, too…
She then talked about caching – google cache, wayback machine, etc. Even if you take stuff down, it isn’t necessarily gone! She finished with some good tips for students from This was followed by some reporting tips and a dense slide FULL of great resources. This is why we archive these things, I imagine – I’ll have to come back to this one! Oh! She just made it available to download – and it’s now living on my computer! Sweet!
And with the end of those, I’m thinking it’s Margarita time – it’s been a long stressful day and I’m ready for some relaxing “me” time!

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