A somewhat delayed NAGW overview

Coming back to work and getting back in the swing of things took the wind out of my sails… I haven’t had a chance to sit down and regurgitate (lovely image, eh?) my experience at NAGW yet, but now I’m sitting at the public computer desk at work and have a few minutes, so prepare for some thoughts!
I didn’t post much about the last day, mostly because I was a bit under-the-weather (read “hung over”) that morning and slept all afternoon to make up for it. The morning session, a preview of IE8, was interesting, but not groundshaking. There were some interesting bits coming out of the Microsoft camp – nothing that can’t be recreated in Firefox with a nice extension or two – but nothing earth shattering. The Web Slices thing is also something that is nice, but not necessary and will just cause more work for webmasters when something like is already available for the few sites that don’t already produce RSS feeds. IE8 looks good, but it won’t cause me to toss my Firefox install any time soon!
After that, as I said, I slept until it was time to go to the Zanies Comedy Club to see Kevin Nealon. That was a lot of fun and very, very funny to boot! I enjoyed myself immensely. Then it was straight to bed and a 7 hour car ride home.
Now that I’ve been home for a few days and have had a chance to digest my experiences at NAGW (see, there’s that regurgitation thing again – I’m sensing a theme), I’m ready to let you all know that this is one of the best conferences I’ve attended yet. It was small and intimate (so we all ate together and that fostered a sense of community) but it was also packed with quality information, vendors and “stuff”. The bag and swag I got were phenomenal! I was duly impressed…
Next year’s conference will be in Galveston, TX and I’m truly hoping that I will be able to make it. It’s almost twice as far from me as Chicago is – that might be a bit of a stretch to drive and flying is always a “can I find a really good price” sort of thing.

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