Ok, not a terribly descriptive title, but I’m at my computer at 6:45am local time, going over my schedule and trying to access my library’s email and getting a bit “eeked” out over both. Last night, just before I went to the Facebook meetup (which was great fun – pics later), I got a text saying that our network was down. Checked – no storms, so I texted the director to let him know. The network came back up within 10 minutes – no harm, no foul. This morning, I pulled up my work email – or attempted to – and discovered that neither server – email or web – is responding. No text has come through saying that the network is down. Oops…
The other “eek” for the day is my schedule:
7am breakfast at Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom – OCLC Social Networking roundtable – Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom – OCLC Social Networking roundtable
10:30am LITA Heads of Library Technology Interest Group – Hilton Anaheim — Coronado
12pm EBSCO Public Library Luncheon Confirmation
1:30pm *LITA Top Technology Trends – Hilton Anaheim — California Pavilion D
3:30pm Drupal BoF session
5:30pm OCLC Blogger’s Salon
And all that on 5 hours of sleep. Guess it’s time to text the director again and get my butt down to breakfast!

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