Saturday overview

Whew – I’m exhausted – and I still have one more event before I can crawl into bed! I started off the day with an overview of Public Computing, where I finally got to put a face to Sarah Washburn’s name (of the MaintainIT Project) and then went straight to the Social Software Showcase where I put a bunch more names to faces of people I’ve conversed with online. While the Showcase was fun for it’s intended purpose, the loose organization of it meant that I could spend some time chatting with people about whatever came to mind in between OpenID questions. That was a really rewarding part of it for me. I barely made it (across the street) to my next session – I came into it a bit late… Afterwards was more interesting discussion with people who really got something out of my brief talk. It makes the work put into getting material together and getting up there and talking about it worthwhile.
After my official duties for the conference were done, I met up with the twitter group (we stood in the convention center and yelled out twitter names – clearly confusing the heck out of some folks), but just to put more faces to names, I had to get back to the hotel to eat and write up my day. We did get to do some quality chatting and “getting to know you” sort of stuff while waiting for everyone to appear, though, so it was totally worth it to show up. I wish I could have justified staying, but home folks needed to be called and blog posts needed to be posted…
I’ve eaten, written up my posts and am ready to rest for a bit before heading to the Facebook Librarians meetup at 11pm. Tomorrow, I have a 7am breakfast with OCLC and a pretty full day after that, so it should be interesting! I’ll do more writing tomorrow!

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