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Twitter Debate!

McCain and Obama will be debating via Twitter over the next few days – and it should be fairly interesting. McCain says that he doesn’t know how to use a computer at all, and Obama has 40,000 followers on his Twitter account already – so the technical advantage is definitely for the Obama camp. (and really, do we want a president who will probably ultimately decide the Net Neutrality issue to be one who admits to computer illiteracy?)
You can follow the debate either through the Summize search for the #pdfdebate hashtag (PDF – Personal Democracy Forum, the sponsor of the debate) or through the Tweetboards arrangement of the debate moderator (Anna Marie Cox), McCain’s representative (LizMair) and Obama’s representative (Mike Nelson).
This is an interesting experiment and a great way to get the candidate’s positions out to a new audience. It’s also an interesting use of Twitter, which I love to see! What I’m hoping we won’t see is the infamous “fail whale” that Twitter posts on it’s site whenever it gets overloaded and unable to respond to all of its traffic!
Enjoy the debate!

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