Ok, I live in a fairly small market that doesn’t have a lot of choice on the radio (unless you are into Country music, then you’ve got lots of choice) and from 9am – when NPR’s news goes off the air – and 10am – when the good music comes onto our local alternative rock station – there isn’t much to listen to. Except for Mancow in the Morning. I’m not a Mancow fan, but I wasn’t in the mood for country music and there is still occasionally some good music on in between his blathering, so I was listening to that as I went for my morning cuppa. Just as I was about to turn off the car and head inside, Mancow took a call. Some lady called in to say that, at her son’s parent-teacher meeting last night, she was informed that the ALA would be banning a couple of Shel Silverstein titles from that school because they promote disobedience. Mancow immediately took off on a huge rant, calling librarians emasculating lesbians and saying that they – and teachers – both hate male children. After a minute or two of this, I lost my cool and had to go inside for a cup of coffee to cool me down a bit (and no, it wasn’t iced coffee). When I came back out, he was still ranting, this time about teachers, I think, about how they hate boys and want to make boys like little girls via medication. He was complaining about the fact that they want to keep us all stupid and under the government’s thumb and he continued in that vein (with a bit of bitching about the liberal PC mafia removing holidays from school… whatever!) until I got to work.
I had to listen to that part about the ALA for a couple of minutes before my brain processed the word “ban” properly. It was *so* not what I had expected to hear!! I was too flabbergasted to call in and tell him that the lady who called in originally had gotten some bad information and that he was defaming an entire profession (or two – he let teachers have it as well) on the basis of incorrect information. Now I’m just too irritated (and unwilling to cater to him by calling his show) to do anything more than blog about it!
Consider it blogged.

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