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Yes, I do cook (occasionally), but this isn’t that sort of cookbook. This cookbook is chock full of recipes to help libraries learn how other libraries manage their IT offerings. From the announcement of the last cookbook:

TechSoup’s MaintainIT Project is pleased to announce the latest Cookbook, packed with tips, techniques, and stories about supporting public computers from libraries across the country.
Download the FREE Joy of Computing: Recipes for a 5-Star Library here:
Find out what your colleagues had to say about wireless, time and print management, and laptop checkout programs.
We’d love to hear from more Missouri libraries!
The MaintainIT Project continues to craft guides focused on supporting public computers. Please get in touch and share your challenges and successes so libraries can learn from *your* experiences. Remember, what may be, “that’s nothing!” to you, may be an “aha” to someone else!
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I’ve downloaded and read both of the cookbooks they have put out and some of my words of wisdom (ehem – stop laughing…) will be featured in the next cookbook that they are doing. I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago about the challenges of managing a library IT department and how we overcome some of the issues involved with providing Internet access to so many different people. It was a great conversation, and I can’t wait to see what others in my position had to say about their libraries! Until then, however, I’ll keep referring to the previous cookbooks and I’ll keep using those great recipes they provide to improve the service that my library provides to our patrons!

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