The Carnival of the Infosciences is coming!

What is it?
According to the description on its wiki, the Carnival of the Infosciences is basically a traveling exhibition that showcases the best, most thought-provoking and most interesting posts from the biblioblogosphere and about Information Science in general.

How does it work?
Blog readers find an article or post that they think should be mentioned in the next Carnival of the Infosciences. They submit that article or post (see below) to me and I compile them into a smorgasboard of information science and biblioblogospheric goodness.

How do I submit a post?
There are 3 easy ways to let me know about articles that you think should be pointed out in this edition of the Carnival of the Infosciences. Email, a web form or a tag (carninfo). If you are emailing me your submission, please be sure to give me the title, URL and a description or summary of the post and your name (or at least a nom de plume that you would like to be known by). If you are using the tag to send in your submission, make sure you include that description/summary and your name in the bookmark.
When will it be here?
February 18th, 2008. That’s when I’ll post all of the submissions (that aren’t spam, of course) so that we can all be exposed (or re-exposed) to the great ideas that have come out of librarian/infoscience blogging over the past 2 weeks!

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