I’ve been using the free version of Todoist for a bit now and figured I wouldn’t bother blogging about it. There has been a lot written about it already, and I didn’t think that I had much to add. I use it, it’s handy, I’m done. But, as you can see, something has changed that prompted me to write this post. Chains. That’s what has changed – chains.
The folks at Todoist have taken a productivity tip from Jerry Seinfeld and made it into a really nifty little feature on their software. If you enter a recurring task and add the text “!chain” to it, the software will create a chain of boxes that show when the task has been done. This seems like a great way to reinforce any new habit you are trying to create! It’s only available to paid subscribers (those willing to part with $3 a month) but there is a free preview for the free accounts. That (and the colored tag labels) prompted me to shell out the $3 and get a paid account… So far, I have my task list reminding me to write a blog post every 3 days. Let’s see if I can get an unbroken chain of completed tasks for my “blog” project!!

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