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Yesterday I went on a web page creating tear! I confirmed that our Outreach department had finished putting in all the information into the Bookmobile’s Google Maps account and I embedded the result into our Bookmobile schedule page. For now, the route information is hand entered by the industrious Outreach staff, but I’ve got a test map in that same account that uses an XML file to get the same results. The next 3-month schedule will use XML to populate the map – that way, all the Outreach staff has to do is change the dates/times in a text file (or a web interface – if I’m feeling ambitious…) and the map is updated and current!
I also finished up a page describing how to access the library’s eAudiobook collection (we get ours through netLibrary) and have downloaded and prepared a “banner ad” for the front page to send curious visitors that way. The collection is already receiving great feedback from our patrons, so the big push now is to get people to realize we offer it!
Finally, I noticed a fresh blog post from Bobbi that pointed to that little bit of red text in the top right corner of our Gmail accounts that asks users to “share your Gmail story”. It encourages folks to create videos telling about their use of Gmail and how great it is – then post them to YouTube. She’s going to steal that idea for us! I know we have at least one staff member who regularly posts original videos to YouTube (using his LL2.0 created blog – how cool is that?), so there has to be other video camera happy folks around here who would be willing to let us know how, why or where they use our services – and how great we are, of course!

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