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Today, as I was going through the 449 emails in my gmail account, I found a note from Twitter telling me that MosioQuestions was following me. As I’m sure was the intent, I got curious and decided to take a look and see what it was. Apparently, it’s mobile reference – ask any question and get an answer from other Mosio users. So far, the questions that have really caught my interest is the recipe for french onion soup (though I’d rather have the ingredients to make the dried french onion soup mix that my mom puts in everything and that has WAY too much salt…) and where Priest Holmes (KC Chiefs) went to school. The answers seem to come from the community, not from “experts”, but there is no reason reference librarians couldn’t become part of the community! This is a great service for “slam the boards” days. I see that the service is already on the list of answer boards linked to from the Librarian In Black’s post above, but this one is new to me and I thought the fact that it uses text/twitter to get and give answers was pretty cool!

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