Not fame, but 15 minutes of exploration…

Not fame, but 15 minutes of exploration… gives a quick rundown of how various people Sarah Washburn has met deal with the issues of keeping up with technology. I didn’t get to see Helene Blower’s session at Internet Librarian, but the comment she made about spending the last 15 minutes of her day playing with some new tech or site was pretty widely discussed beyond the confines of her session – I certainly heard about it, even though I wasn’t there at the time she said it. She’s got a great idea in that she sets aside time to play every day.
Personally, I try to spend at least 30 minutes a day on my library and tech blog reading. This isn’t enough to keep up in the sense that I read every post, but it does keep me informed about what is going on and who is doing all these cool things that people blog about. I’ve been slacking (as the recent quiet period in this blog makes clear) during my transition to my new job, but I’m back on track now and keeping an eye on the blogs for new ideas and new toys (both on and offline) with which to play.

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