And now a brief explanation of why I’ve been so quiet

Besides the server issues from the last post and frantically running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to fix all that up, I’ve been busy with other stuff as well. I’ll be presenting another webinar for MORENet in August on what MRRL is doing with the Web 2.0 tools that we taught our staff in the Library Learning 2.0 program this year. I also received an invitation to speak at the UKSG conference in Torquay, Devon, UK on the Library Learning 2.0 program in April of next year. I’ve been working out travel arrangements (whether or not to take my son, mostly) and getting my passport and all that straightened out. I need to renew the passport that I got years ago for my trip to Italy, and after hearing the horror stories of people waiting forever for their passports, I wanted to hop on that ASAP. Besides all that, I’ve been running my son back and forth to so many camps, baseball games/practices and movies with his friends, that I’ve barely had any time to play World of Warcraft.
Oh, yeah, that’s the other big timesink in my life right now. Fortunately, my SO plays it as well, so we manage to get together and kill stuff on a regular basis and it still counts as quality time spent together. Occasionally, when his schedule allows, my son gets in on it too and we have a 3-way WoW party with all of us playing together. That’s great fun as well!
So, with all that going on, I’ve been a bit quiet lately – but I promise to blog more henceforth!

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