Ok – A brief history of why my site died…

The server on which I had all of my sites, as well as some friends’ sites, and all of my clients’ sites, died. A combination of DoS attacks and crazy server configuration (MySQL was required for the email system to work – that seemed odd to me…) as well as growing clients that needed more resources than I offered meant that the server was somewhat flaky for a couple of weeks and then down completely for the last 2 days of June. I spent the last weekend of June frantically moving data, databases and various zipped up files from one server to the other and finally got everything (that wasn’t mine) up and running last Monday (with only a few small glitches that have since been ironed out). We are now hosted by HostGator and so far, I’m very happy. Interland/Peer1/whatever they are this week was charging a LOT more for far less in the way of resources and “extras”. HostGator includes what Interland/Peer1 considered extras as part of their standard service (stuff like a firewall and spamassassin). This is a VERY nice change. I felt I was getting nickle and dimed to death at Interland/Peer1 – for something that I was overpaying for in the first place. We are into our second week of service at HostGator and I’m VERY pleased so far!
Ok, now that my clients and friends are up and running, I’ll be able to spend some time working on finding the database of all of my posts (I hope I saved it, I hope I saved it, I hope I saved it…imagine me crossing fingers AND toes while muttering that) and updating the blog to let you all know what is going on with me. There are some exciting things coming up, but I’ll save that announcement for after I get my publications/presentations page back up!!

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