Social Software Showcase – OpenID

I’ve finally put together my (very first) screencast on Slideshare for the Social Software Showcase site! It’s up and available now – feel free to check it out and find out the basics about OpenID and the issues surrounding this identity management tool. According to my son, it’s pretty good (though he may be a bit biased…) – he was asking me last night if he should get one of these OpenID things, after he’d heard me talk through the presentation (about 4 times – he should be pretty familiar with OpenID by now…).
There is a list of OpenID tutorials for the nuts-n-bolts “how to” information below the screencast of my rather theoretical discussion of OpenID, just in case you all decide it’s something you want to try out!
If you are going to be at ALA, stop by the Social Software Showcase at 1:30pm on Saturday the 28th at the Marriott Anaheim — Gold Key I-III to talk to me and the other talented folks who are contributing content to this “unconference” at the conference!

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