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Knowledge Graphs

Hmmm – I’ve been working with Knowledge Graphs after writing an article for Computers In Libraries on Personal Knowledge Management with Linked Data and now I’m taking notes and making connections between thoughts and producing my own thoughts. Where to put those thoughts, though? I suppose, since I’m paying the big bucks ($3 a month) to host this site still, I should probably make use of it as a repository for my thinking.

I’m in the RBC8 Book Club right now, a club that uses RoamResearch to collectively read and discuss books or, in our case, scientific articles using a shared database (graph) of notes and prompts and zoom meetings. So far, it’s pretty cool and I’m getting to the point where I’m putting a LOT of content into Roam (and paying $15 a month to be able to do that – Obsidian is free, but I haven’t gotten as “into” it as I have Roam, mostly because of the book club, I’m sure).

Anyway, the scientific journal issue we are reading is covering the topics of collective knowledge and cumulative culture and how animals (human and non-human) as well as swarm robots use collective knowledge to create that culture through social learning, generally. It’s a fascinating topic and one I’ll likely be thinking about, and posting on, in the future.

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