Keynote Thursday – Larry Johnson, Horizon Report

Horizon Report – sets priorities for tech planning in learning organizations

Began as an internal environmental scan, grew to a publication for public for Higher Ed, K12 Ed and Museums – they plan to add libraries to that list within 18 months. Tech Outlooks for regional areas (Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, UK, Central Europe, Africa, etc.) come out periodically.
Horizon Navigator – every bit of data, articles, projects and every thing they learned is available in this database, open to the public. Now they have HZ News – iPad app – 10 most interesting articles of the week – not free, not available on Android yet.
The Future of Education Retreat
10 Megatrends – collaborative, work where people want to, Internet is global mobile network, tech we use is increasingly cloud-based and delivered over utility networks, opennes is moving from a trend to a value.
Reflections – the Horizon Project at 10
Our strategic thinking is based on a world that no longer exists
* The network connects us (from radio onward)
* The network changes us
* The network helps us
* The network is us
* The network is everywhere
* The network is invisible

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