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Catch-up Post

1) We survived the trip from NOLA with only a small detour through the Ozarks. It did get us to the cheapest gas of the trip (3.14/gal in Lebanon, MO), but caused us to use more, so the net effect was probably 0.

2) Google+. It happened. I’ve had my account since 6/29 and I’m kinda liking it. I plan to do more of a post later, when I have a better feel for the service (and more people are there). Stay tuned.

3) Spotify in the US. I have it. I like it. I’m not using the sharing parts of it so much (yet?), but the ability to extend my personal collection of music is pretty cool. I’m using the free version for now – we’ll see if I use it enough to make the paid version worth it.

More to come later, when I have time to write (yes, my “I’m going to get up early to write” has gone all to hell this summer, with the 16 year old child coming in at all hours of the night and interrupting my beauty sleep…).

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