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Day 3 or the day my feet fell off


You may note that there is no day 2 post – I got tired. We got up, drove to Vicksburg and toured the battle ground and the museum of the Cairo (a riverboat/battleship that sunk during the battle) and had a lovely time. All my pics, though, are on my real camera and my iPad’s camera connection kit is being fussy. I’ll post ’em when I get home. After that, and much driving, we got into NOLA around 5ish. We went to the LITA get together where we ate, drank and made merry while also spotting the sign above. Gotta love a town that will make librarian jokes…

Day 3 involved getting up, getting to the convention center and walking up and down aisles of vendors until our feet hurt. We got some information, some swag and some good conversations, though! After that, we met a woman I’d met at Internet Librarian some years ago for lunch at a brew-restaurant (where I had very tasty fish tacos and a light, summer beer) and then headed to the French Quarter. We walked all around, marveling at the sights:

20110625-103156.jpg (this was from the Jester daiquiri bar, where I had an electric lemonade and Mike had a strawberry daiquiri – yum)
After all that walking, a nap was in order, so we took one, then hopped in the car, picked a couple of other folks up and had ourselves a little FF meet up at Squeal BBQ.

20110625-103441.jpg That was some damn fine BBQ. I’m still full… So full, in fact, that the FB meet up on Bourbon street was skipped in order to go back to our hotel (did I mention that we have a 2 bed, 2 bath suite? I think it’s bigger than our house.) so that I could unbutton my pants in private.
Tomorrow is a tour of the city, in some way, a second run through the vendors and dinner at Emeril’s. For now, it’s bedtime!!

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