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  • RT @jmspool "You know, if you combined an earthquake and a fart in a tweet, you'd probably get a million retweets." /I'm game… #
  • Laughing at seeing folks I *never* see on Twitter (I'm looking at you, @laurabotts) because of FriendFeed's decision to nap this morn. #
  • @ellbeecee Wouldn't that be #badweathertweeters since we only show up when FF is "under the weather"? #
  • @jasonfleming73 Not many, I think. We're doing an Overdrive preso for academics in June, though, so we can talk about how they'll use it. #
  • @rpringle I use the bluetooth keyboard/case that is featured at Thinkgeek (to lazy to link, sorry). It's bulky, but pretty awesome. #
  • @rpringle That's it! #
  • @rpringle It is slick! It's bulky to use all the time, but makes my iPad into a laptop when I need that kind of flexibility. #
  • *sigh* that last tweet brought out both the iPad and laptop spammers. Joy… #

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