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  • @Rudibrarian check FF – I posted an idea there (too long for Twitter…) #
  • Soooooo impressed with Sprint customer service last night – really nice rep & efficient activation for my new phone! #
  • Hello Merry and her very lucky class members from Robin in Missouri! Have fun today!! #
  • Just noticed the new top menu on WP when you are logged in and on the blog, not admin. Very nice! How long has that been there, though? #
  • Nancy Duarte: The audience is the hero, the presenter is Yoda (the mentor) leading the audience to understanding of the idea (TedxEast) #
  • @nengard Spiceworks is what I use. We still use spreadsheets for stuff like keeping track of IP addresses, though #
  • @sglassmeyer Nope. I've already seen warnings that the 18th is the due date, no matter what. They can procrastinate on your refund, though.. #
  • Waiting for my new car. I ended up with a black 2007 Suzuki Forenza. 5 speed and pretty! #
  • @techylib I got both! I just got my car last night, so mo post about it yet! #
  • @techylib sigh – that's "no" post… #

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