The iPad (first gen) after the glow wears off

That’s sort of a misleading headline. The glow still hasn’t really worn off for me, nor has it for this group of iPad users that have provided “one year after” roundup. The general consensus of that article is that they don’t regret their purchase – and I concur wholeheartedly. I, like some of them, find doing a lot of content creation on the iPad isn’t a huge burden. Of course – I have one of those fancy bluetooth keyboard cases, so I am sort of cheating, but I’ve done a lot of writing on my iPad. I won’t say that it’s as easy as using a full-featured desktop + a full size keyboard, but for quickly popping out blog posts, emails, meeting notes or even articles, it’s worked well for me.

The other thing I’ve noticed during my time using my iPad is the interest it gets in the older (than me) crowd. My mother and my significant other’s mother both told me – within a week of each other – that they want to get an iPad soon. My mom has decided to wait until I upgrade and buy mine (a year or better, but that’s ok with her), but my SO’s mom is actively looking for one now. ┬áNone of us are Apple fangirls. I haven’t owned an Apple computing device since I was in 8th grade and, as far as I know, neither mother has ever used one. The iPad has been just that interesting and just that useful!

I thought the idea of a “one year after” look at the iPad was neat (plus the article has ALL KINDS of excellent app suggestions), so I wanted to post this – even though I haven’t had mine for a year yet. For those of you who are still on the fence, I’m still happy with mine and use it *every single day*.

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