Connections conf day 1 wrapup

At the start of a very long day, I awoke to the sight of some cute ducks on my patio. I blogged pretty heavily about my sessions yesterday, so I won’t go into detail about that. Around the sessions, though, I did a lot of chatting with other library types about a lot of different things that they are doing. I did sort of crap out in the afternoon and ended up skipping a session to hang in my room and do some requested web updates for work. I was getting burned out on all the socializing, if you can imagine…
The library round table in the evening was great (big kudos to Lee Cushing for suggesting it). There were a lot of folks, including some relevant Morenet folks, who had a lot to say. Again, I blogged about that (though now I’m wondering if I posted it – if not, it will show up soon).

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