Geek out at the conf

Geek out – short talks, comments on what’s going on at our orgs, questions to geeks who are doing the same sort of stuff.
First – thin apps on VMWare View for virtualized desktops
New MS licensing for edu, not sure about libraries
Moodle – provisioning second pipe to Morenet to keep from using all the bandwidth of main pipe for hosted stuff like Moodle
Discussion of burstable bandwidth from Morenet
Talked about what’s coming from Morenet -lots of cool stuff…
Replacements to illuminate – Morenet is looking at big blue button, an open source adobe connect type of content presentation software
Moving from Novell to Windows
Question about filtering mergers and how it’s going to work
Discussion of packet shaping vendors
IPv6 issues – remember logging software (and other software) needs to be able to parse it, too, so check both hardware & software purchases.

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