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Knitting and getting paid

Speaking of luck (see my previous post on doing what you love and have a passion for), I can now say that I’m a professional knitter. I submitted a few of my prettier washcloths for a staff art show at work this month and, because of that, ended up getting a commission to knit a couple of washcloths for a co-worker. She’ll even pay me for them! (In a completely usual turn of events, she’s going to pay me more than I’d asked for – I NEVER ask for enough money when I’m pricing out my services…). Anyway, the picture attached to this post is of my cloths hanging in the art gallery at work (in the corner – next to the beautiful quilts – hard to see in this pic…). Considering the caliber of work (check out the pic of the quilts hanging right next to my humble little cloths!!!) my knitting is surrounded by, I’m pretty happy to be included. Even happier to get paid to do something that I love and that provides me with such relaxation and de-stressing time!

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