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  • @dullroar That is a private transaction – Amazon #
  • @dullroar Oops – sorry, hit enter too soon Amazon's TOS doesn't allow for public borrowing. Some loan out the device, but that's iffy. #
  • @dullroar Yep, I do believe there are lots of librarians asking about Kindle loaning – I think the ALA is lobbying for it too. Hopefully…. #
  • Ahhhh! Using Facebook as MRRL is excellent – the upgrade is *exactly* what I've been wanting for FB pages!! #
  • INBOX 0 HAS BEEN ACHIEVED!!! That's worth shouting about, yes? 😉 #
  • Also – for local tweeters who like art – my library has a new FB page dedicated to news about our art galleries – #
  • @rmazar I am the master of my to-do list. My voicemail, not so much. I'm totally with you there. #

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